Discover the Tech That Lets Wi-Fi See Through Walls!

Discover The Tech That Lets Wi Fi See Through Walls!

Discover the groundbreaking technology that enables Wi-Fi signals to identify shapes through solid walls. Previously, technology has had difficulty in visualizing stationary objects. This new innovation, designed by researchers from the University of California Santa Barbara, aims to overcome these struggles. They’ve developed a Wi-Fi setup that concentrates specifically on the edges of an object, … Read more

Warning Signs Your Phone Battery is About to Die

Warning Signs Your Phone Battery Is About To Die

The lifespan of a phone battery depends on various factors like manufacturing age, its chemical age, and usage patterns. Here’s how you can extend it and what to avoid for maintaining its health. Battery Lifespan Factors Different factors can impact a phone battery’s lifespan. The first is ‘manufacturing age’, which refers to the period since … Read more

AI Can Now Create Robots That Walk In Seconds!

Ai Can Now Create Robots That Walk In Seconds!

Imagine a robot that could walk, not designed by years of human ingenuity, but created by Artificial Intelligence (AI) within seconds. This is the innovative feat achieved by researchers from Northwestern University, MIT, and the University of Vermont. The AI-Crafted Robot The AI’s task was to shape a small rubber block into a mobile creature. … Read more

What Secrets are Hidden in Ancient Vesuvius Scrolls

What Secrets Are Hidden In Ancient Vesuvius Scrolls

The Vesuvius Challenge, launched by the University of Kentucky, offers a unique opportunity for AI to delve into the pages of history, deciphering X-ray images of ancient charred scrolls from Herculaneum. Recently, an impressive array of thousands of these X-ray images have been unbarred to AI exploration. Akin to unlocking an ancient secret, the objective … Read more

Discover the AI Robot That Finds Supernovas for Us!

Discover The Ai Robot That Finds Supernovas For Us!

An international team of scientists has unveiled an AI tool named Bright Transient Survey Bot (BTSbot), which marks a significant advancement in the discovery of supernovae. This tool is unique in being the first AI that can fully automate the process of identifying supernovae without human involvement. The innovation of BTSbot removes the element of … Read more

Discover How Google’s AI Is Revolutionizing City Traffic

Discover How Google's Ai Is Revolutionizing City Traffic

Discover how Google is leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) to streamline city traffic, ultimately reducing wait times, fuel consumption, and emissions at intersections. Efficiency Improvements with AI Recent results indicate an approximately 30% reduction in stops and a 10% drop in emissions using Google’s approach. This is significant considering pollution at intersections is observed to be … Read more

Experience the Danger and Power of “Painting” DNA

Imagine being able to ‘paint’ with fluorescent markers on DNA, creating a stunning array of 16 million different shades and hues. Not only this, but imagine that the same technique could accurately recreate digital images on DNA with 24-bit color depth. This is not science fiction, it’s now possible, and the implications are far-reaching. Painting … Read more

Revolutionary ‘Living Paint’ Breathes Life into Walls

Revolutionary 'living Paint' Breathes Life Into Walls

Imagine a paint that doesn’t just color your walls but also cleans the air, emits oxygen, and could potentially be used on Mars? Scientists have now turned this idea into a reality. Meet the Bacteria That Feeds on Sunlight The desert-dwelling bacteria, Chroococcidiopsis cubana, forms the base of this innovative concept. This bacteria is known … Read more