Shocking Speed Upgrade: Japan’s Tech Giants Unveil ‘World-Beating’ 6G Technology

Experience next level of connectivity and speed with the development of 6G by 's tech giants including NTT, DOCOMO, NEC, and Fujitsu.

Advanced Wireless Device

A showcase of a prototype wireless device has demonstrated the incredible potential of 6G. This ground-breaking device achieved a data transfer speed of 100 Gbps. This highlight represents a performance 10 times faster than the peak speeds of 5G and an astonishing 500 times faster than the average 5G smartphone speeds reported in the US, which is 186.3 Mbps. It effectively allows the shifting of eight or nine 1.5 GB movies per second.

Improved Range and Capacity

Unlike its predecessors, 6G utilizes high-frequency bands in the range of 100 GHz and 300 GHz. This frequency range provides a much higher data capacity. A stable connection over 100 meters has already been demonstrated, emphasising its robust connectivity features.

Economic and Size Aspects

Like all new technologies, the implementation of 6G also encounters challenges. The current trade-off lies in its range, with development continually ongoing. There are also requirements for more advanced equipment. However, it is projected that both the costs and size of this equipment will decrease over time, making 6G technology more accessible.

Superior Speeds and Network Capacity

The introduction of 6G is expected to bring about a vast improvement in speeds, which would prove beneficial for high-resolution downloads and autonomous vehicle communication. Furthermore, it will increase the network's capacity to connect more devices simultaneously. This potential could lead to the elimination of network congestion and reduce the dependence on Wi-Fi significantly.

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Nokia, a key player in the tech industry, estimates that 6G will be commercially available by 2030. In comparison to the capabilities promised by 6G, existing 5G networks may appear sluggish. This new technology is set to revolutionize the speed and quality of connectivity in the forthcoming decade.

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