Discover Why These Neurological Devices Got Abandoned!

This article delves into a recent review on abandonment, with a specific focus on neurological devices, their implications and suggested guidelines for their usage.

The review provides an official definition for neurological device abandonment, addressing its implications for the creation of laws, guidelines, and policies. Device abandonment is referred to as the lack of sufficient information provision to patients, failing to guarantee lifetime support, or not responding to immediate needs.

The authors contend that implanted devices must be built to endure, accompanied by distinct guidelines for continued support. Safeguards should be established to tackle potential challenges. A case is cited of a patient who was compelled to have their implant removed due to the manufacturer filing for bankruptcy.

Progress in Technology

It is observed that the ongoing progression of technology will perpetually require updates and fixes. This factor highlights the need for continued support and regular maintenance for these devices.

Nevertheless, there are exceptions to the concept of abandonment, specifically in regards to devices under clinical trials. If the trials are unsuccessful, offering continued support for the implants may not be feasible or sensible.

Hope for the Future

The aim of the study is to trigger discussions on implant abandonment, along with the necessary legislations and policies to ensure the safe and advantageous use of these technologies. The research has been made publicly available in the JAMA Network Open for further consultation and exploration.

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