Get Ready for a Shock: Google’s AI will Outsmart Humans

Get Ready For A Shock: Google's Ai Will Outsmart Humans

Get ready to meet Gemini: the new powerhouse of Google’s Bard chatbot designed to reason better than any of its AI counterparts. Google aims to redefine the AI chatbot arena with Gemini. This new-generation AI model is believed to surpass human experts in a wide range of skills: from problem-solving to law, from mathematics to … Read more

Can We Achieve Immortality with Mind Uploading?

Can We Achieve Immortality With Mind Uploading

Mind uploading presents a fascinating concept of transferring human consciousness into a synthetic form – a key principle of transhumanism, which seeks to transcend the human condition using science and technology. This holds promises of longevity and cognitive enhancement, opening up a myriad of possibilities. Mind Uploading: The Feasibility The feasibility of mind uploading depends … Read more

Discover ChatGPT – The AI Chatbot Shaking the Internet!

Discover Chatgpt The Ai Chatbot Shaking The Internet!

ChatGPT, the revolutionary AI chatbot, hit the internet on November 30, 2022, and went viral within mere days. Astounding Adoption Rates By January, 13 million unique daily visitors were recorded. OpenAI reports that ChatGPT now reaches 100 million people per week. The application’s widespread popularity is mostly due to its effective user interface. This is … Read more

Unlock the Mysteries: Quantum Computing Unraveled!

Unlock The Mysteries: Quantum Computing Unraveled!

Dive into the world of quantum computing, an arena where the laws of physics as we know them are defied and an atomic and molecular scale takes precedence. The core component of quantum computing is known as the quantum bit, or qubit. This qubit can inhabit a state of 0 and 1 simultaneously, a peculiar … Read more

AI Deception: Are You Seeing Right?

Ai Deception: Are You Seeing Right

In a world where artificial intelligence (AI) continues to evolve, the line between reality and synthetic creation is becoming increasingly blurred. A recent study brings this into sharper focus, highlighting intriguing issues around our perception of AI-generated faces and the potential implications for racial bias, deception and public policy. Perception of AI-Generated Faces A recent … Read more

Shocking: Troubled Superconductor Study by Top Scientist Retracted

Shocking: Troubled Superconductor Study By Top Scientist Retracted

The scientific journal Nature has retracted a study claiming the creation of a room-temperature superconductor, that was originally thought to potentially revolutionize electrical systems. Hydrogen, a metal called lutetium, and nitrogen were the components involved in the scrutinized study. The papers’ authors had previously requested for its retraction, raising questions about the integrity of the … Read more

Warning Signs Your Phone Battery is About to Die

Warning Signs Your Phone Battery Is About To Die

The lifespan of a phone battery depends on various factors like manufacturing age, its chemical age, and usage patterns. Here’s how you can extend it and what to avoid for maintaining its health. Battery Lifespan Factors Different factors can impact a phone battery’s lifespan. The first is ‘manufacturing age’, which refers to the period since … Read more