Discover the Technology Changing Life for the Disabled!

Experience the marvel of , helping those in need navigate daily challenges. From a gyroscopic glove that steadies trembling hands, to remarkable devices that guide visually impaired individuals, let's delve into these life-enhancing innovations.

Roberta Wilson-Garrett, a woman battling Parkinson's disease, demonstrates the ease of controlling her hand tremors using a GyroGlove. GyroGear, the creators of this advanced hand stabilizer, equips it with a gyroscope – approximately the size of a hockey puck – spinning faster than a jet engine turbine to stabilize the hand. This advanced piece of tech is manufactured in the same facility that produces Apple's MacBook Pros, with Foxconn aligning as one of GyroGear's strategic partners.

GyroGear's Plan

The Massachusetts-based company aims to prioritize the enhancement of human life quality over the disease's focus. Future designs even include plans for a smaller gyroscope to further improve its functionality.

Visions at CES

At the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, numerous firms showcased adaptive technology for disabled individuals. Among these were both startups like Glidance and established companies like Amazon, each demonstrating technology that improves life for people with disabilities.


Glidance, started by visually impaired Amos Miller, revealed a two-wheeled device, named Glide, acting like a guide dog. The device uses obstacle detection technology to guide users to a set destination. Affordability is a key factor, with plans to price Glide comparably to a smartphone. They also plan a beta program later in the year.

OneCourt's Game Changer

OneCourt, a Seattle-based startup, developed a device that translates real-time sports updates into vibrations for visually impaired fans. The device, which mimics a mini American football field, can simulate various sports including tennis and hockey. Through partnerships with teams or leagues, OneCourt plans to provide the device for free at games for visually impaired fans.

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Other CES Innovations

Myriad other innovations were presented at CES, including glasses with built-in technology for the blind and those with hearing and visual impairments. For example, Israel-based Orcam displayed handheld scanners that can read and translate text for students with learning disabilities or those learning English.

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