Experience the Danger and Power of “Painting” DNA

Imagine being able to ‘paint’ with fluorescent markers on DNA, creating a stunning array of 16 million different shades and hues. Not only this, but imagine that the same technique could accurately recreate digital images on DNA with 24-bit color depth. This is not science fiction, it’s now possible, and the implications are far-reaching. Painting … Read more

Revolutionary ‘Living Paint’ Breathes Life into Walls

Revolutionary 'living Paint' Breathes Life Into Walls

Imagine a paint that doesn’t just color your walls but also cleans the air, emits oxygen, and could potentially be used on Mars? Scientists have now turned this idea into a reality. Meet the Bacteria That Feeds on Sunlight The desert-dwelling bacteria, Chroococcidiopsis cubana, forms the base of this innovative concept. This bacteria is known … Read more